About Us

Why We Do This

It’s A Brave New WorldSM out there.

No one else is offering a comprehensive website about prosthetics. We can, so we are.

Some people have FOMO (fear of missing out). We have FOBO (fear of better options).

There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours down the rabbit hole searching for options that don’t exist and are merely some futuristic concept. We want solid information. And we want it now. We assume you do too. If we missed something, let us know. We’ll look into it and post it if we can.

How We Are Connected to Prosthetics

A long time ago, someone we love lost his right hand. The day he got home from the hospital he walked up the stairs telling his father the hand rail needed to be switched from the right side to the left.  His parents’ response? No way. You’re going to have to get used to a lot of other things too. Within two weeks he was back on the bowling team. Then baseball, hockey, football (he played without his hook) and racquetball.

Sports taught him he had the power to forge his path without obstacles. Today he plays tennis and is a long-distance biking fanatic. Nearly a half-century later, he still rocks his old-school hook, and wouldn’t think of trading it in. But it’s a Prosthetics Renaissance out there for those who are interested. Except for ocular prosthetics, which is a little late to the party. So SmartstheticsSM will be setting its sights on moving that technology forward.

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