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    • Adaptive Technology

      Adaptive Technology

      There are plenty of prosthetic devices that extend your reach, quicken your step, and up your game. Share your thoughts on devices that work best to help you get in the action
    • Animal Prosthetics

      Animal Prosthetics

      Our furry friends bring so much joy into our lives. Here you can talk about all animals. From soldier dogs, eagles, fish, elephants and horses, to dolphins and ducks, helping them live happy lives with prosthetics is always heart-warming.
    • Children & Prosthetics

      Children & Prosthetics

      No borders, no limitations. This is the forum where you can engage and formulate strategies to help you power through the journey.    
    • Cutting Edge

      Cutting Edge

      It's all happening so fast, it's hard to keep up with.  Here's the place for you to share important new technology and how it can make your life better.  
    • Diabetes


      This is the place to talk about lifestyle hints for healthy living. Discuss your diet plans, recipes, and exchange helpful information and support.
    • Get Fit

      Get Fit

      Get fit. Be Fierce. Do not let your limitations define who you are. This is the place to talk about how to get strong, and stay strong.
    • Healthy Recipes

      Healthy Recipes

      For the Foodies. What’s your go-to? Easy Peasy? Gourmet? Picky kids? Share and ask for recipe ideas here. Because you deserve to eat better.
    • Insurance


      It’s a complicated quagmire out there. This is the place to share the benefit of your experience and draw on the experience of others to wade through the bureaucracy.
    • Ocular Prosthetics

      Ocular Prosthetics

      You can keep it real, or go for it. Your eye can reflect your favorite sports team, or Caption America. The talk here is all about artificial eyes, experiences, and how to find the right ocularist for you.
    • Physicians and Medical Service Providers

      Physicians and Medical Service Providers

      Professionals can share general information regarding sensors, implants, or any other aspect of today’s technology and changing medical field.
    • Prosthetic Feet and Legs

      Prosthetic Feet and Legs

      From first steps to cheetah legs, talk about anything and everything foot and leg-related.
    • Prosthetic Hands and Arms

      Prosthetic Hands and Arms

      This is the forum for discussion of hands and arms. Modern technology and manufacturing processes like 3D Printing are revolutionizing what it means to be limb-different, putting fresh offerings within your grasp.
    • Small Talk

      Small Talk

      A place to talk about what interests, intrigues, concerns, or elevates you. If the topic isn’t covered in another forum, this is the forum to get that conversations started.
    • Sports


      This is the place to talk about what you do to get energized, get fit, clear your mind, and be a team player. It’s also the forum to highlight the parathletes who do it big. Let the games begin.
    • Success Stories

      Success Stories

      There is nothing as satisfying as triumph over adversity. From the small, everyday, mundane, to the stuff dreams are made of, this is the forum to Celebrate. Every. Single. Victory.
    • Veterans


      Limitations do not define who you are. This is the place to talk about how to move forward and negotiate around obstacles that are unique to those who have served. And by the way, thank you for serving.