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Triumph Over Adversity

We love open-source when it comes to prosthetics.

Join us and fight for a cause that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Smartsthetics offers a platform to facilitate working together. Let us know how we can help.

Prosthetic Retailers

SmartstheticsSM provides a platform for consumer exposure to a wide range of prosthetic devices, robotics, and accessories.


SmartstheticsSM highlights current, relevant research and provides a platform to raise awareness of ongoing developments.

The World

Happy, purposeful individuals pursuing worthwhile goals make the world a better place. We hope you like it here.


There is a great deal of fragmented information on the web. If a consumer desires a prosthetic they must undertake an exhaustive search to find current and state-of- the-art products. SmartstheticsSM provides a wide range of information within a single site.

Medical Providers

Medical providers are the front-liners in ensuring individuals who desire to use prosthetics can utilize the most advanced prosthetics. SmartstheticsSM offers a venue for physicians and manufacturers to share information regarding sensors, implants, and other requirements for today’s technology.


SmartstheticsSM will match inventors with IP attorneys, investors, and other partners. Do not post inventions here unless they are patented. Once you disclose your invention, it may no longer be patentable. That’s not legal advice. We’re just saying.

Prosthetic Manufacturers can act as a focus group for manufacturers. From the giants in the industry to the high-schooler with a 3D printer— the needs of the those desiring to use prosthetics can favorably influence the manufacturing and design process. Also, since we are open-source, manufacturers can use the SmartstheticsSM platform to raise awareness for their products and services.

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