Like Real Skin. Only Better.

Image credit: Jianliang Xiao/University of Colorado Boulder

Like Real Skin. Only Better.

University of Colorado Boulder researchers have come up with electronic skin. Yep. e-skin.
It measures pressure, temperature, humidity, and air flow. So don’t look for a thermometer the next time you have the flu, call your friend with the prosthetic hand.

And oh, by the way, it can HEAL ITSELF.

It’s not quite all Terminator yet, with re-healing “just seconds after being shot, beaten or run over”, said CU Boulder’s Wei Zhang. But cut or broken e-skin and sensors can be healed with the help of three readily available compounds.

Did we mention it’s also environmentally friendly and recyclable? Talk about wanting to save the world.

But really. This team at Boulder rocks.


Jianliang Xiao University of Colorado Boulder, Lead Researcher
Wei Zhang, University of Colorado Boulder, Lead Researcher
Zhanan Zou, Yan Li, Chengpu Zhu, Xingfeng Lei, University of Colorado Boulder, Co-Authors

Published in Science Advances, 09 Feb 2018.
Research funded in part by the National Science Foundation

University of Colorado Boulder

Science Advances

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